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Tele Vue

Tele Vue Plossl 55mm Eyepiece (2") - TE-EPL-55.0

Tele Vue Plossl 55mm Eyepiece (2") - TE-EPL-55.0

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Experience the Universe in Unprecedented Detail with the Tele Vue Plossl 55mm Eyepiece (2") - Your Gateway to Spectacular Astronomical Observations!

Product Details:

Since its introduction in 1980, the Tele Vue Plossl eyepiece line has garnered praise and patents, becoming a benchmark of performance and value in the realm of 50-degree apparent field of view eyepieces. Designed by the renowned Al Nagler, these eyepieces are a testament to precision and optical excellence.

Key Features:

Uncompromising Quality: Despite being part of the more affordable eyepiece line, Tele Vue Plossls undergo the same meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail as their premium counterparts. Quality, performance, and consistency are the guiding principles that make Tele Vue Plossls a trusted choice among astronomers.

Diffraction-Limited Performance: Tele Vue Plossls are engineered to deliver diffraction-limited "on-axis" performance, ensuring that your celestial observations are sharp and precise. High-index glasses are employed to minimize astigmatism and lateral color at the field's edge, resulting in sharper images compared to other 4 or 5 element "Plossl" or Orthoscopic designs.

Full Multi-Coatings: To maximize light transmission and contrast, Tele Vue Plossls feature full multi-coatings. Blackened lens edges and internal anti-reflection threads enhance contrast, allowing you to capture intricate celestial details. The sharper field keeps faint starlight as perceptible points, allowing extended observations without constant re-positioning.

Exceptional True Field: With a 55mm focal length and a 2" barrel, this eyepiece provides the largest true field possible for 2" eyepiece holders. It offers three times the true field area of any 1-1/4" eyepiece, ensuring you capture expansive views of the cosmos. The focal plane is strategically placed at the barrel's end to minimize vignetting.

Long Eye Relief and Adjustable Eyeguard: The 55mm Plossl boasts long eye relief and a unique adjustable eyeguard, catering to eyeglass wearers and enhancing comfort during extended stargazing sessions.

The Tele Vue Plossl 55mm Eyepiece is a stellar addition to your astronomical arsenal, delivering exceptional performance and breathtaking views of the night sky. Whether you're exploring the depths of space or observing planetary wonders, this eyepiece ensures you experience the universe like never before.

Own a genuine TeleVue Plossl and elevate your astronomical adventures today! Order the Tele Vue Plossl 55mm Eyepiece (2") - TE-EPL-55.0 now and discover the universe's hidden treasures with unprecedented clarity and precision.

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