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Tele Vue Panoptic 24mm Wide Angle Eyepiece (1.25") - TE-EPO-24.0

Tele Vue Panoptic 24mm Wide Angle Eyepiece (1.25") - TE-EPO-24.0

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Elevate Your Astronomical Adventures with the Tele Vue Panoptic 24mm Wide Angle Eyepiece (1.25") - TE-EPO-24.0 - Your Portal to Immersive Stargazing!

Product Details:

The Tele Vue 24mm Panoptic Eyepiece is a testament to the fusion of engineering innovation and optical excellence. Designed to deliver Nagler-like performance within a 68-degree field of view, this eyepiece takes wide-field observation to new heights. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, it offers a meaningful advance over eyepieces in its class.

Key Features:

Nagler-Like Performance: Inspired by the Nagler series, the Panoptic eyepieces are engineered to provide exceptional wide-field views. Experience immersive stargazing with edge-to-edge clarity and detail, making it an ideal choice for mid-power observations.

Ideal "Soul-Mate" to Bino Vue: The 24mm Panoptic is the perfect companion for Bino Vue setups, ensuring seamless compatibility and performance. It is also parfocal with 15mm and other smaller Plossls and Naglers for added convenience.

Premium Construction: Like all Tele Vue eyepieces, the Panoptic series is built to the highest standards. Multi-coatings, blackened lens edges, filter threads, rubber grip rings, and exemplary construction are standard features. Additional details such as an eyeguard cover and an undercut in the barrel for locking security enhance the overall user experience.

Double Identifying Ring: Each Panoptic eyepiece is distinguished by a double identifying ring, making it easy to locate and identify in your eyepiece case.

About the TeleVue Panoptic BIG Barlow Interface: You can double the power of any eyepiece with the 2x Big Barlow, but the addition of the interface lens brings the pupil back to its original position when used with long focal length eyepieces like the Panoptic 41, 35, or 27mm 2" models. This combination of interface and Big Barlow mimics the concept of the Powermate, offering versatility and performance.


  • Focal Length: 24mm
  • Apparent Field: 68 degrees
  • Eye Relief: 15mm
  • Field Stop Diameter: 27mm
  • Size: 1.25"

Experience the Universe with Unrivaled Clarity: The Tele Vue Panoptic 24mm Wide Angle Eyepiece opens up a world of celestial wonders, allowing you to explore the cosmos with immersive views and extraordinary detail. Whether you're observing deep-sky objects or planetary wonders, this eyepiece will become your trusted companion under the night sky.

Quality Assurance: Tele Vue products are covered by a Five-Year Worldwide Limited Product Warranty, ensuring peace of mind for your astronomical pursuits.

Capture the beauty of the night sky like never before. Order the Tele Vue Panoptic 24mm Wide Angle Eyepiece (1.25") - TE-EPO-24.0 today and embark on a stargazing journey filled with awe and wonder!

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