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Tele Vue 21mm Ethos Eyepiece (2.0") - TE-ETH-21.0

Tele Vue 21mm Ethos Eyepiece (2.0") - TE-ETH-21.0

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Embark on an Unparalleled Journey Through the Cosmos with the Tele Vue 21mm Ethos Eyepiece (2.0") - Your Gateway to a Vast Universe of Detail and Clarity!

Product Details:

The Tele Vue 21mm Ethos Eyepiece with a 2" barrel is your passport to a celestial odyssey like no other. Immerse yourself in the splendors of the Milky Way and beyond, where deep sky objects and star fields come alive in rich detail. This eyepiece is the nexus of contrast, power, and field, transforming your stargazing experience into a mesmerizing "spacewalk."

Key Features:

Breathtaking 100-Degree Apparent Field: The 21mm Ethos delivers an expansive and immersive view of the cosmos, with a 100-degree apparent field that fills your vision with a myriad of stars and celestial wonders. No matter where you focus your attention, you'll encounter unparalleled sharpness and rich contrast.

Precision Optical Design: Designed by Paul Dellachaiae, the lead designer behind the Ethos series, this eyepiece boasts exceptional optical aberration correction. Advanced coating techniques and internal mechanical design contribute to maximizing contrast and transmission, ensuring you see the universe in its full glory.

Parfocal with 31mm Nagler Type 5: The 21mm Ethos provides the maximum true field of view while maintaining a parfocal relationship with the 31mm Nagler Type 5. You can seamlessly switch between these eyepieces without the need for extensive refocusing, enhancing your observing convenience.


  • Focal Length: 21mm
  • Apparent Field: 100 degrees
  • Eye Relief: 15mm
  • Effective Field Stop Diameter: 36.2mm
  • Barrel Size: 2"
  • Weight: 2.25 lb

Unlock the beauty of the universe with the Tele Vue 21mm Ethos Eyepiece, where precision optics meet immersive viewing. Whether you're exploring the cosmos from your backyard or a remote dark sky site, this eyepiece is your ticket to a universe filled with breathtaking detail and clarity.

Join the ranks of passionate astronomers and astrophotographers who trust Tele Vue for unrivaled quality and performance. Order your 21mm Ethos Eyepiece today and elevate your celestial journey to new heights!

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