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Tele Vue 1.25" DeLite Series 3mm Eyepiece - TV-EDE3

Tele Vue 1.25" DeLite Series 3mm Eyepiece - TV-EDE3

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Explore the Cosmos with Unprecedented Clarity Using the Tele Vue 1.25" DeLite Series 3mm Eyepiece (TV-EDE3) - Your Portal to a World of Astronomical Detail!

Quick Overview:

  • 1.25" Barrel Format: Compatible with standard 1.25" telescope focusers.
  • 62° Apparent Field of View: Enjoy an expansive and immersive viewing experience.
  • 3mm Focal Length: Ideal for high-power observations, revealing fine details in celestial objects.
  • Generous 20mm Eye Relief: Comfortable and convenient for extended stargazing sessions.
  • Sliding, Locking Eyeguard: Customize your eye relief and ensure optimal viewing comfort.
  • Dioptrx-Ready: Designed for compatibility with Tele Vue's Dioptrx astigmatism corrector.
  • Parfocal within Series: Seamless transitions between DeLite eyepieces for convenience.
  • Parfocal with Many Tele Vue Eyepieces: Compatible with Tele Vue's 1.25" Plossl, Panoptic, Nagler, and Delos eyepieces.

Product Details:

The Tele Vue 1.25" DeLite Series 3mm Eyepiece (TV-EDE3) is a testament to optical excellence and engineering innovation. Developed as a smaller, more economical, and lightweight counterpart to the renowned Delos eyepieces, the DeLite series is designed to provide an extraordinary viewing experience.

With its 3mm focal length, this eyepiece is perfect for high-power observations, allowing you to explore the finest details of celestial objects. The generous 20mm eye relief ensures your comfort during extended stargazing sessions, while the sliding, locking eyeguard allows you to customize your viewing experience.

Designed with versatility in mind, the DeLite eyepieces are Dioptrx-ready, offering compatibility with Tele Vue's astigmatism corrector for astigmatism-free viewing. Whether you're an experienced astronomer or a novice explorer of the night sky, the DeLite series offers a delightful addition to your eyepiece collection.

As part of Tele Vue's visionary line of eyepiece developments, the DeLite Series 3mm Eyepiece is a testament to optical innovation and quality. Join the ranks of passionate astronomers who trust Tele Vue for unparalleled performance and clarity.

Unlock the secrets of the universe and capture the beauty of celestial wonders with the Tele Vue 1.25" DeLite Series 3mm Eyepiece. Order yours today and elevate your astronomical observations to new heights!

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