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Takahashi 7x50 Finderscope

Takahashi 7x50 Finderscope

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Takahashi 7x50 Finderscope-with stand set (TKA00551 and TKA00562)

Looking for a high-quality finderscope to help you locate celestial objects? Consider the Takahashi 7x50 Finderscope, a premium-grade instrument that offers exceptional clarity and accuracy.

This finderscope comes as a set that includes both the TKA00551 and TKA00562 models, along with a convenient stand. The 7x50 configuration provides bright and clear images, even in low-light conditions, making it an excellent choice for stargazing enthusiasts of all levels.

With a durable construction and precision optics, this finderscope is designed to last for years, delivering reliable performance with every use. Whether you're just getting started in astronomy or are a seasoned veteran, the Takahashi 7x50 Finderscope set is an essential tool for any observer looking to improve their observing experience.


Weight(kg): 0.5

Type: Monocular

Origin: JP(Origin)

Model Number: 6x30

Lens Type: Refractive

Certification: CE

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