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Svbony SV106 50mm Guide Scope

Svbony SV106 50mm Guide Scope

Astrophotography is an exciting and rewarding hobby, but it requires specialized equipment to capture clear and detailed images of celestial objects. One essential tool for astrophotography is a guide scope, which helps track and move celestial objects for accurate and precise imaging. The Svbony SV106 Guide Scope 50mm is a popular option among astrophotography enthusiasts. In this review, we'll explore the features and benefits of the Svbony SV106 Guide Scope 50mm.

What is the Svbony SV106 Guide Scope 50mm?

The Svbony SV106 Guide Scope 50mm is a compact and lightweight telescope designed for astrophotography. It is mounted parallel to the main telescope and helps guide the tracking and movement of celestial objects. The guide scope comes with a 50mm aperture and a 220mm focal length, providing clear and detailed images of celestial objects.


The Svbony SV106 Guide Scope 50mm stands out with its exceptional features tailored for astrophotography perfection:

  1. Compact Design: With its lightweight and compact form, the SV106 is your portable companion, easily transported and seamlessly mounted onto your telescope.
  2. High-Quality Optics: Featuring a 50mm aperture and a 220mm focal length, the SV106 ensures sharp and vivid images of celestial objects, unveiling the beauty of the cosmos.
  3. Easy Setup: Setting up your astrophotography gear has never been simpler. The SV106 comes with all the necessary hardware for a hassle-free attachment to your telescope.
  4. Compatibility: Versatility is at your fingertips. The SV106 is compatible with a diverse range of astrophotography cameras, offering photographers the flexibility to explore various imaging options.
  5. Dual Mounting Rings: Experience stability like never before. The SV106 is equipped with dual mounting rings, ensuring a secure and steadfast connection to your telescope.
  6. Retractable Dew Shield: Prevent moisture interference during your celestial adventures. The SV106 comes with a retractable dew shield, ensuring crystal-clear views even in challenging conditions.


  1. Improved Accuracy: The SV106's precision optics and compact design enhance the accuracy of tracking celestial objects, delivering images with unparalleled detail and sharpness.
  2. User-Friendly: Ideal for both beginners and seasoned astrophotographers, the SV106 is designed for effortless setup and operation, making your stargazing journey enjoyable and accessible.
  3. Camera Compatibility: Tailor your imaging experience. The SV106 seamlessly integrates with a variety of astrophotography cameras, providing endless possibilities for capturing the cosmos.
  4. Affordability: Unleash your passion without breaking the bank. The SV106 Guide Scope 50mm offers affordability without compromising on quality, making it a top choice for budget-conscious enthusiasts.
  5. Portability: For those who love exploring new horizons, the SV106's compact design ensures easy transportation, making it the perfect companion for astrophotographers on the move.

Discovering the SVbony SV106 50mm Guide Scope:

The Svbony SV106 50mm Guide Scope stands out as a powerful tool for astrophotographers, providing a dynamic combination of features that facilitate swift and precise adjustments. With a 30/35mm back focuser and a 10mm helical focuser, the SV106 ensures that capturing the stars you desire is an effortless endeavor. The 10mm focusing stroke delivers clear and detailed images, boasting a focusing accuracy up to 0.1mm.

Versatility Engineered:

Featuring M42*0.75 and 1.25-inch interfaces, the SV106 is engineered for versatility. Securely attach guide cameras with female T-threads, and transform the guide scope into a straight-through finder scope by adding an optional 1.25" eyepiece. Immerse yourself fully in the celestial wonders with the convenience of interchangeable configurations.

Superior Optics for Stellar Imagery:

Experience superior optics with double-sided FMC (Fully Multi-coated) glass. Enjoy bright, clear, and crisp images, even in low-light conditions. The stray lights elimination design enhances observation efficiency by minimizing light loss due to reflection and improving image contrast.

Meticulous Design for Durability:

Meticulously designed, the SV106 features a compression ring fitting to protect autoguider cameras and accessories from scratches. The CNC machined aluminum alloy body with laser engraving ensures durability for long-lasting performance. Fine-tune your focus effortlessly with the metal hoop and dovetail. The knurled metal hoop allows for precise adjustments, and the thumbscrew locks the focuser in place, providing stability during your observations.

Versatile Focal Length Options:

Used as a guide scope, the SV106 stands out with its focal length options of 190mm and 240mm, catering to your specific needs. The aluminum alloy construction, available in 50mm and 60mm apertures, ensures a lightweight yet robust design.


  • Model: F9177A
  • Aperture: 50mm / 1.97in
  • Focal Length: 190mm / 7.48in
  • Focal Ratio: F4
  • Coating: Fully multi-coated
  • Type of Telescope: Achromatic Refractor
  • Best for imaging: Deep sky
  • Focuser: Helical Focuser with 8 mm Travel
  • Connection to eyepiece: 1.25inch
  • Tube diameter: 54.5mm
  • Total Length: 240mm
  • Included accessories: Tube Rings and Dovetail Rail

Hear what users have to say about the Svbony SV106 50mm Guide Scope:

  • "The SV106 has been a game-changer for my astrophotography setup. Its precise adjustments and versatility have significantly improved the accuracy of my tracking, resulting in sharper and more detailed images." - Happy Astrophotographer
  • "Setting up the SV106 was a breeze, even for a beginner like me. The clear and crisp images it provides, especially in low-light conditions, have exceeded my expectations. A fantastic addition to any astrophotographer's gear." - Stargazing Enthusiast
  • "The SV106's compatibility with a range of cameras gives me the flexibility I need for my photography projects. The compact design and easy setup make it a go-to choice for both beginners and seasoned astrophotographers." - Versatile and Reliable


Elevate your astronomical exploration with the Svbony SV106 50mm Guide Scope – your gateway to capturing the beauty of the cosmos. With advanced features, precise adjustments, and versatile configurations, the SV106 emerges as an essential tool for astrophotographers. Immerse yourself in the wonders of the night sky with this meticulously designed guide scope, offering both durability and stellar performance.

Svbony SV106 50mm Guide Scope

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