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Svbony CLS Clip Filter Canon

Svbony CLS Clip Filter Canon

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Canon Camera with the SVBONY CLS Clip Filter: Your Gateway to Astrophotography Brilliance

Introducing the SVBONY CLS Clip Filter – your go-to solution for transforming your Canon DSLR into a powerful astrophotography tool. Elevate your imaging experience and capture stunning celestial scenes with ease, whether you're a seasoned astrophotographer or just starting on your cosmic journey.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Compatibility for Canon Cameras The SVBONY CLS Clip Filter is tailor-made for Canon EOS cameras, including popular models like 7D Mark II, 80D, 77D, 70D, and many more. Unlock the full potential of your Canon DSLR and delve into the wonders of deep-sky imaging.
  2. City Light Reduction for Crystal Clear Skies Designed for broadband city light reduction, this filter selectively reduces the transmission of light pollutants caused by artificial sources like mercury vapor lamps and sodium vapor lights. Experience enhanced visibility of deep-sky objects, free from the interference of unwanted light pollution.
  3. Easy Installation and Transport The CLS Clip Filter boasts a user-friendly design with easy installation and disassembly – no tools required. Its lightweight and compact structure make it the ideal companion for your travels, allowing you to capture breathtaking moments wherever you go.
  4. Protective and Multi-Functional Acting as a mirror to shield your telescope's surface from potential scratches, the CLS Clip Filter serves dual purposes. Its multi-layers anti-reflection coating and non-cementing optical substrate ensure durability, while the precise CNC machining and anodized finish prevent reflections for optimal performance.
  5. Enhanced Astrophotography Precision The filter features a planetary rotation system that guarantees precision and homogeneity of coatings. Benefit from high transmission of pass-band and optical density of off-band, resulting in clear, detailed images for both visual observation and photographic purposes.


  • Brand Name: SVBONY
  • Size: EOS-C
  • Type: Monocular
  • Model Number: CLS EOS-C Clip-on Filter
  • Thickness: 1.85mm
  • Filter Type: City Light Suppression Filter (CLS Filter)
  • Thread: Canon EOS-C


Q: Can this be used to see the eclipse? A: No, this filter is not suitable for viewing eclipses. Please use a dedicated sun filter that fits over the telescope lens.
Q: Why are there black shadows in Canon and Nikon FF cameras with a focal ratio of about F5.5? A: The effective imaging circle of the telescope is larger than the aperture of the built-in clip filter. Use larger aperture lenses or small focus ratio telescopes to avoid this, or opt for the 2-inch filter.
Q: Can we use this with a Nikon D850? A: The CLS EOS -C is suitable for Canon cameras. For Nikon D850, consider compatible filters for optimal performance.

Upgrade your astrophotography game with the SVBONY CLS Clip Filter – your key to unlocking the beauty of the cosmos. Order yours now and embark on a journey of celestial exploration like never before!


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