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QHY PoleMaster

QHY PoleMaster

Astrophotography is an exciting hobby that allows you to capture the beauty of the night sky. However, taking pictures of the stars is not an easy task. One of the biggest challenges is to align your telescope accurately with the celestial pole. Fortunately, QHY PoleMaster can help you with that. In this article, we will explore what the PoleMaster is, how it works, and why it is an essential tool for astrophotography.

QHYCCD PoleMaster

What is QHY PoleMaster?

QHY PoleMaster is a high-precision electronic polar scope that helps you achieve accurate polar alignment for your telescope. It is a compact device that attaches to your mount and uses a camera and software to align your telescope with the celestial pole. The PoleMaster is compatible with most equatorial mounts and can be used with any telescope with a focal length of up to 1500mm.

What is QHYCCD PoleMaster?

How Does It Work?

Pole alignment involves aligning the mechanical axis of your mount with the true pole. The PoleMaster simplifies this process by employing a sensitive wide-field imaging camera along the axis of Right Ascension (RA). Real-time monitoring of the polar region allows the device not only to detect Polaris but also to identify dimmer surrounding stars. By comparing the positions of these stars to the mechanical axis of RA rotation, the PoleMaster calculates the true pole's position. Aligning the two centers of rotation becomes a straightforward task, making polar alignment a quick and efficient process.

How Does QHY PoleMaster Work?

The PoleMaster uses a camera and software to align your telescope accurately with the celestial pole. Here is how it works:

  1. Mount the PoleMaster on your equatorial mount's polar axis.
  2. Connect the PoleMaster camera to your computer or laptop using a USB cable.
  3. Run the PoleMaster software on your computer.
  4. Take a picture of the sky with the PoleMaster camera.
  5. The software will analyze the picture and display a reticle that shows the position of the celestial pole.
  6. Adjust your mount's altitude and azimuth until the reticle is aligned with the pole.
  7. The PoleMaster will give you a green light when the alignment is accurate.

How Does QHYCCD PoleMaster Work?

Features That Redefine Polar Alignment

1. Speed and Convenience

No longer do you need to move your telescope to a specific location or strain to peer through a polar scope. The PoleMaster eliminates the need for fully dark-adapted eyesight and removes the requirement to level your mount. The hassle of entering date and time into your handset is a thing of the past. With the PoleMaster, polar alignment is faster, more convenient, and entirely headache-free.

2. Accuracy Beyond the Naked Eye

The PoleMaster's sensitive camera achieves accuracy levels unattainable with the naked eye. Boasting a 30 arc second resolution, it ensures the best polar alignment possible, reaching up to 30 arc seconds of accuracy.

3. Wide Angle View of the Polar Region

Featuring a wide field view of 11x8 degrees, the PoleMaster makes locating the pole star a straightforward task. This expansive field of view simplifies the alignment process and enhances overall user experience.

4. Easy Installation

The PoleMaster is designed for easy installation on any equatorial mount through mount-specific adapters. Its compatibility extends even to mounts without a polar scope, providing flexibility and accessibility for a wide range of users.

5. Real-Time Polar Alignment Checking/Adjustment

Monitor your polar alignment in real time with the PoleMaster. In the event of alignment loss, the PoleMaster allows for quick and easy adjustments without restarting the alignment process from scratch.

6. Elimination of Three-Star Alignment

Once polar-aligned, the need for a three-star alignment is eliminated, saving valuable time during your observation or imaging sessions.

7. Ideal for Single Axis Mounts

Perfect for single (RA-only) axis mounts, the PoleMaster's good polar alignment minimizes drift in the DEC axis, maximizing the performance of your mount.

Why is QHY PoleMaster Essential for Astrophotography?

Polar alignment is crucial for astrophotography because it allows your telescope to track the stars accurately. If your alignment is off, your images will be blurry, and you will not be able to capture the details of the stars and galaxies you want to photograph. The PoleMaster makes polar alignment quick and easy, allowing you to spend more time taking pictures and less time aligning your telescope.

QHYCCD PoleMaster Essential


  • High-precision polar alignment camera with a field of view of 11 x 8 degrees
  • Uses a CMOS sensor with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels and a pixel size of 5.6um x 5.6um
  • Can be used with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems
  • Compatible with most equatorial mounts with a declination range of +/- 15 degrees
  • Easy to use software interface that guides users through the polar alignment process
  • Can be used during the day or night, making it ideal for remote observing sites

QHYCCD Features


1. Accurate Polar Alignment: The QHY PoleMaster enables users to accurately align their telescope mount with the celestial poles, resulting in more precise tracking and longer exposure times.
2. Easy to Use: With its intuitive software interface, the QHY PoleMaster is easy to use, even for those who are new to astrophotography.
3. Versatile: The PoleMaster can be used during the day or night, making it ideal for remote observing sites. It is also compatible with most equatorial mounts, making it a versatile tool for astrophotographers.
4. Time-Saving: The QHY PoleMaster can save users a lot of time, especially when compared to traditional polar alignment methods. It can align the mount in just a few minutes, which is much faster than traditional polar alignment methods that can take up to an hour.

Why is QHYCCD PoleMaster Essential for Astrophotography?


1. Limited Compatibility: The QHYCCD PoleMaster is not compatible with all telescope mounts. It is designed to work with equatorial mounts with a declination range of +/- 15 degrees.
2. Limited Field of View: The PoleMaster has a limited field of view, which can make it difficult to align with the celestial poles in areas with obstructed views.
3. Additional Cost: The QHYCCD PoleMaster is an additional expense for astrophotographers, and some may find the cost prohibitive.



What's in the Box: Unboxing the Precision

When you receive your QHY PoleMaster, the package includes:

  • QHY PoleMaster
  • Lens Cap
  • USB Cable

Specifications: Technical Precision at a Glance

  • Resolution: Approx 30 arc seconds
  • Install Method: Three M3 screws to mount adapter
  • Interface: Mini USB2.0
  • Software: QHY PoleMaster Software
  • Rough Precision: Approx 5 arc minutes
  • High Precision: Max 30 arc seconds
  • Weight: Approx 70g
  • Dimensions: See mechanical drawing
  • Power Consumption: Approx 0.35 watts / 70 mA

Available Adapters for Popular Mounts

  • Sky-Watcher EQ6/AZEQ6 HEQ5
  • iOptron CEM60 ZEQ25/CEM25 iEQ45 iEQ30 AZEQ5
  • Celestron AVX CGEM
  • EM200/EM11

User Experience: A Game-Changer for Astrophotography

The QHY PoleMaster isn't just a technical marvel; it's a game-changer for astrophotographers. During my first night with the device, I was met with exceptional results. The dedicated polar alignment software proved easy to use, and the camera provided a crystal-clear image of the starfield surrounding the north celestial pole.

That cliche moment, experienced by many backyard astrophotographers during their first night with the PoleMaster, hit me – "I should have been using one of these a long time ago." The realization of the device's transformative impact on the polar alignment process was evident.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Addressing Common Queries

Q: What is an APO telescope?
A: An APO, or apochromatic telescope, uses a lens system designed to bring three wavelengths of light to the same focus, reducing chromatic aberration for clearer images.

Q: Who would benefit from using the QHY PoleMaster?
A: The PoleMaster is ideal for astrophotographers looking for a portable and high-quality instrument for accurate polar alignment.

Q: Can the PoleMaster be used for visual observations?
A: While primarily designed for imaging, it can also be used for visual observations with the right eyepiece.

Additionally, the QHY PoleMaster has a built-in plate solver, which enables it to provide you with accurate and fast polar alignment. This means that you can spend more time observing and less time fumbling with the alignment process. The device also includes an adjustable adapter that can fit on a variety of mounts, making it a versatile tool for astrophotography enthusiasts.

Overall, the QHYCCD PoleMaster is a reliable and efficient polar alignment device that can help you take your astrophotography to the next level. With its advanced features, ease of use, and affordability, it's a great investment for any amateur or professional astronomer.

qhyccd polemaster


If you want to take your astrophotography to the next level, QHYCCD PoleMaster is an essential tool to have in your kit. It makes polar alignment a breeze and ensures that your telescope tracks the stars accurately. With the PoleMaster, you can spend more time capturing the beauty of the night sky and less time aligning your telescope. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced astrophotographer, the QHY PoleMaster is a must-have tool for your kit.

QHY PoleMaster

QHYCCD PoleMaster Review
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