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Player One Energy Rejection Filter (ERF) for Quark Chromosphere

Player One Energy Rejection Filter (ERF) for Quark Chromosphere

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Elevate your solar astrophotography with the Player One 2-Inch Energy Rejection Filter (ERF) designed specifically for the Quark Chromosphere. Meticulously crafted using high-quality optical glass substrate and cutting-edge multi-layer composite coating technology, this ERF filter is your gateway to capturing breathtaking solar images with unparalleled optical performance.

Top Features:

  1. Precision Engineering for Astounding Results: The Player One S series filter stands out for its exceptional optical performance in astrophotography. Each component is crafted with precision to ensure superior imaging quality, allowing you to explore the beauty of the sun in unprecedented detail.
  2. Tailored for Quark Chromosphere (Ha version): The 2-Inch ERF filter is designed as an assistant filter for the Quark Chromosphere, rejecting excess energy to extend the life of your Quark. Safeguard your equipment while optimizing the clarity of your solar images.
  3. Optimal Size and Thread Details: With a generous 2-inch size and M48*0.75 thread, this ERF filter offers seamless compatibility and effortless integration into your solar astrophotography setup. The 44mm clear aperture ensures maximum light capture for stunning results.
  4. Versatile Applications: Beyond solar astrophotography, the Player One ERF filter proves its versatility in lunar imaging, providing brighter images than IR685 filters and improving overall seeing conditions.
  5. Package Inclusions: Your purchase includes the Player One 2-Inch ERF Filter packaged in a sturdy plastic case, offering convenient storage and protection for your valuable equipment.
  6. Technical Specifications:
    • Surface Quality: 60/40
    • Thickness: 2mm
    • Transmittance: 99%
    • Blocking Depth: OD4 (300nm-1100nm)

Experience the Player One Advantage:

Trust in the Player One brand for an authentic, factory-original 2-Inch ERF Filter that's engineered to meet the demands of astronomy enthusiasts. This ERF filter ensures both the protection of your equipment and the enhancement of your solar imaging experience.

Upgrade your solar astrophotography setup today with the Player One 2-Inch Energy Rejection Filter—an essential accessory for capturing the sun's mesmerizing details. Order now and witness the transformative impact on your solar imaging journey.


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