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Astrophotography Lens

Micro Stage-Fine Adjustment Unit

Micro Stage-Fine Adjustment Unit

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🌟 Explore Precision Imaging with the S8210 Micro Stage-Fine Adjustment Unit - Unleash Your Photographic Potential!

Exceptional Load Capacity and Versatility: The S8210 Micro Stage-Fine Adjustment Unit is your go-to companion for achieving unparalleled precision in your astrophotography journey. With a recommended load capacity of up to 5kg and a maximum payload of 10kg (depending on usage), this finely crafted unit provides the stability and strength needed for various astronomical equipment, from cameras to guide scopes.

🔄 Adjustable Angles for Perfect Alignment: Experience the freedom to fine-tune your imaging setup with the S8210's horizontal adjustable angle of about 30° and pitch adjustable angle of about 60°. Achieve the perfect alignment for your camera, guide scope, or other astronomical equipment, ensuring that every shot is framed exactly as you envision it.

📸 Quick Release Plate Adapter for Effortless Mounting: Featuring a quick-release plate adapter with a 1/4 screw, the S8210 effortlessly mounts on cameras, guide scopes with a 1/4 hole, and even cooled cameras. Seamlessly transition between equipment with ease, capturing the beauty of the cosmos without the hassle of complicated adjustments.

🔧 Versatile Mounting Options: The S8210 Micro Stage-Fine Adjustment Unit is equipped with a 3/8 mounting screw, making it compatible with tripods, V Series, and D Series dovetail mounting plates. This versatility ensures that you can integrate the unit seamlessly into your existing setup, offering stability and reliability for your imaging endeavors.

🔍 Innovative Base Slot Design: Stay ahead with the latest in design innovation! The newest base slot of the S8210 boasts two white strips, enhancing visibility and making adjustments a breeze. This thoughtful feature ensures that you have clear guidance, even in low-light conditions, allowing you to focus on capturing stunning astronomical images.

🚀 Key Specifications at a Glance:

  • Load Capacity: Up to 5kg (Recommended), Maximum Payload: 10kg (Depending on Usage)
  • Horizontal Adjustable Angle: About 30°
  • Pitch Adjustable Angle: About 60°
  • Quick Release Plate Adapter: 1/4 Screw for Cameras, Guide Scopes, and Cooled Cameras
  • Mounting Screw: 3/8 for Tripods, V Series, and D Series Dovetail Mounting Plates
  • Innovative Base Slot Design with 2 White Strips

🌌 Elevate Your Astrophotography Setup: Discover a new level of precision and flexibility with the S8210 Micro Stage-Fine Adjustment Unit. Whether you're a seasoned astrophotographer or a budding enthusiast, this unit is designed to enhance your imaging capabilities, allowing you to capture the beauty of the cosmos with unparalleled clarity. Upgrade your setup and explore the wonders of the universe with confidence!


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