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Metal Smartphone Adapter for Telescopes and Microscopes

Metal Smartphone Adapter for Telescopes and Microscopes

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38mm~48mm Metal Smartphone Adapter for Microscope Binocular Spotting Scope Monocular Telescope Connector Cellphone Holder

Capture the Universe: Metal Smartphone Adapter for Telescopes and Microscopes

Unlock the Power of Your Scope with Seamless Connectivity

Versatile Compatibility: 38~48mm Metal Smartphone Adapter

Enhance your astronomical and microscopic adventures with the 38~48mm Metal Smartphone Adapter. This robust adapter connects your cellphone effortlessly to telescopes, microscopes, binoculars, and spotting scopes, transforming your device into a powerful tool for capturing mesmerizing images and videos.

Key Features:

Optimal Eyepiece Compatibility: 1.25’’ or 2" Eyepieces

Designed to accommodate eyepieces ranging from 38 to 48mm, this adapter ensures compatibility with both 1.25’’ and 2" eyepieces. Enjoy the flexibility to use it across a variety of optical instruments.

Adjustable Range for Maximum Convenience

Experience versatility with an adjustable range that caters to most cellphones. Whether your device measures between 60 to 95mm in width, has a longitudinal length of 0 to 63mm, or a transverse length of 60 to 95mm, this adapter has you covered.

360-Degree Rotating Phone Holder for Precision

Achieve the perfect angle for your shots with the 360-degree rotating phone holder. This feature provides maximum flexibility, allowing you to capture stunning visuals from various perspectives.

Durable Metal Construction for Long-Term Use

Crafted from sturdy metal materials, this smartphone adapter ensures durability and resilience. Make a one-time purchase for long-term use, exploring the cosmos and microscopic wonders with confidence.

Rubber-Lined Clamp for Device Protection

The cellphone clamp comes equipped with a rubber lining, eliminating concerns about scratches or damage to your phone. Capture breathtaking moments without compromising the safety of your device.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Metal Smartphone Photography Adapter

Seamless Integration for Effortless Captures

With the Metal Smartphone Adapter, aiming through your telescope or microscope becomes a thing of the past. Simply connect your phone, align the lens, and tighten the screws for a seamless integration that empowers your visual exploration.

Embark on a Visual Journey: Order Your Metal Smartphone Adapter Today!


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