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M42x1mm to M42x0.75mm Thread Mount Converter

M42x1mm to M42x0.75mm Thread Mount Converter

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Revolutionize Your Telescope Setup: M42x1mm to M42x0.75mm Thread Mount Converter

Unlock Versatility with Precision Thread Conversion

Upgrade Your Telescope Accessories with Durable Construction

Enhance your telescope photography experience with the M42x1mm to M42x0.75mm Thread Mount Converter. Crafted with an all-metal construction and anodized aluminum process, this adapter ensures durability for prolonged use. Count on its high-quality design to elevate your telescope setup.

Key Features:

Flexible Thread Conversion Options

This adapter provides M42x1mm male to M42x0.75mm female thread conversion. Use it to convert either an M42x1mm female thread to an M42x0.75mm female thread or an M42x0.75mm male thread to an M42x1mm male thread. Its versatile design caters to different telescope accessories, offering flexibility for your photography needs.

Precise Thread Dimensions for Seamless Compatibility

  • External Threads: M42x1mm Male
    • Depth: 3mm (0.12in)
  • Internal Threads: M42x0.75mm Female
    • Depth: 4mm (0.16in)

Compact and Efficient Design

With a flange distance of 5mm (0.19in), total length of 8mm (0.31in), and inner diameter of 39mm (1.53in), this adapter boasts a compact design that maximizes efficiency while minimizing bulk.

Irregular Extinction Threads for Enhanced Performance

The inner side of the M42x1mm threads features fully irregular extinction threads, ensuring a secure and stable connection for your telescope accessories.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x M42x1mm to M42x0.75mm Thread Mount Converter


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