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M42-M48 Extender Thread (16.5mm)

M42-M48 Extender Thread (16.5mm)

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Introducing our M42-M48 Extender (16.5mm Length), a precision-engineered accessory designed to provide optimal extension for your astrophotography setup. With a sleek and compact design, this extender ensures a seamless connection between M42 and M48 threads, specifically tailored for ZWO Frozen Cameras.

Key Features:

  • Name: M42-M48 Extender: 16.5mm
  • Extended Length: 16.5mm
  • Fit for: ZWO Frozen Camera

Precision Extension for Astrophotography: This M42-M48 Extender, measuring 16.5mm in length, is meticulously crafted for precision and reliability. Achieve the perfect extension between M42 and M48 threads, providing a secure connection and optimal performance for your ZWO Frozen Camera.

Tailored for ZWO Frozen Camera: Designed with ZWO Frozen Camera compatibility in mind, this extender ensures a perfect fit for seamless integration into your astrophotography setup. Experience enhanced flexibility and convenience with this purpose-built accessory.

Compact and Efficient Design: With a streamlined design, this extender maintains a compact profile while delivering maximum efficiency. Its 16.5mm length strikes the ideal balance between extension and convenience, offering a versatile solution for astrophotographers seeking precision in their equipment.

Easy Integration with Product Pictures: The M42-M48 Extender (16.5mm Length) is showcased in product pictures, allowing you to visually appreciate its design and form factor. See firsthand how this extender seamlessly connects M42 and M48 threads, providing a visual assurance of its quality and compatibility.

Upgrade Your Astrophotography Setup: Elevate your astrophotography experience with the M42-M48 Extender (16.5mm Length). Achieve the perfect extension for your ZWO Frozen Camera, ensuring a secure and stable connection between M42 and M48 threads. Unleash the full potential of your astrophotography gear with this precision-crafted extender, designed to enhance your imaging capabilities. Invest in quality, invest in precision – choose the M42-M48 Extender (16.5mm Length) for your astronomical adventures.


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