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IDAS Clear (ODW) Filters - AR-Coated Full Spectrum Filter for per-focal

IDAS Clear (ODW) Filters - AR-Coated Full Spectrum Filter for per-focal

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The IDAS Clear (ODW) filter is a high-quality, full spectrum filter that is perfect for pre-focal use. This AR-coated filter is designed to provide optimal performance and precision for astrophotography enthusiasts. With its advanced coatings and superior optical properties, this filter ensures maximum transmission across the entire spectrum of light, making it perfect for imaging a wide range of celestial objects.

The IDAS Clear (ODW) filter features a highly durable construction that is built to withstand the rigors of astrophotography. Its superior coatings ensure minimal reflections and excellent contrast, allowing you to capture stunning images of deep-sky objects, galaxies, and more. This filter is ideal for use with telescopes and other imaging systems, and is compatible with a wide range of astrophotography accessories.

Whether you are a seasoned astrophotographer or a beginner, the IDAS Clear (ODW) filter is an essential tool that will help you capture the beauty and wonder of the universe. So why wait? Invest in this high-quality filter today and take your astrophotography to the next level!


Origin: JP(Origin)

Model Number: ODW

Manufacturer: IDAS

Certification: CE

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