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Hubble Palette Filters for DSLR Camera

Hubble Palette Filters for DSLR Camera

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Step into the realm of celestial artistry with our exclusive Hubble Palette Filters for DSLR cameras. Inspired by the iconic imaging technique employed by the Hubble Space Telescope, this comprehensive filter set transforms your ordinary DSLR camera into a powerful tool for capturing breathtaking images of nebulae and deep-sky objects. Dive into the cosmic canvas and unleash your creativity with the Hubble Palette Filters.

Designed for discerning astrophotographers and enthusiasts alike, these premium filters harness the power of narrowband imaging to reveal the hidden beauty of celestial objects with unparalleled clarity and detail.

At the heart of the Sho Hubble Palette Filters are three essential components: Hydrogen-Alpha (Ha), Sulfur-II (SII), and Oxygen-III (OIII). Each filter targets specific wavelengths of light emitted by ionized gases in deep space, capturing the intricate structures and dynamic interactions that define the cosmos.

The Hydrogen-Alpha (Ha) filter isolates the emission line produced by hydrogen atoms, revealing the glowing tendrils of gas clouds where new stars are born and old ones meet their fiery end. From the vibrant hues of star-forming regions to the delicate filaments of nebulae, this filter unveils the raw energy of the universe in stunning detail.

Meanwhile, the Sulfur-II (SII) filter targets the distinctive signature of sulfur ions, highlighting the intricate networks of gas clouds and shock waves that permeate the cosmos. Whether capturing the ethereal beauty of supernova remnants or the turbulent landscapes of interstellar space, this filter adds depth and dimension to your astrophotography.

Completing the trio is the Oxygen-III (OIII) filter, which captures the elusive glow of oxygen ions as they dance amidst the stars. From the delicate shells of planetary nebulae to the turbulent winds of massive stars, this filter unveils the cosmic ballet of elements in all its glory, transforming faint wisps of gas into vibrant tapestries of color.

Versatility Across Lens Sizes

The SHO Filter Set Kit encompasses filters in various sizes, ranging from 48mm to 82mm, ensuring compatibility with all your camera lenses. Whether you're using a standard kit lens or a professional-grade telephoto lens, our kit provides the versatility you need to explore the cosmos with ease.

Effortless Installation

Each filter in the set is equipped with a convenient thread frame, facilitating seamless installation on your camera lens. Say goodbye to complicated setup processes – whether you're a seasoned astrophotographer or a novice embarking on your cosmic journey, our kit ensures hassle-free operation so you can focus on capturing stunning images of the night sky.

Enhanced Imaging Capabilities

The SHO Filter Set Kit features three types of filters, each optimized to capture specific wavelengths of light emitted by celestial objects. The 500nm OIII filter reveals the intricate structures of doubly ionized oxygen atoms, while the 656nm H-Alpha filter highlights the vibrant hues of hydrogen gas clouds. The 672nm SII filter unveils the mesmerizing beauty of ionized sulfur atoms. Together, these filters enhance your imaging capabilities, allowing you to capture the essence of the cosmos with unparalleled clarity and detail.

Crafted with precision and care, the SHO Hubble Palette Filters are engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability under the demanding conditions of astrophotography. Each filter is meticulously coated to maximize light transmission and minimize reflections, ensuring that every photon captured by your DSLR camera sensor retains its true color and detail.

Moreover, the SHO Hubble Palette Filters are compatible with a wide range of DSLR cameras, allowing photographers to adapt their equipment to suit the demands of different imaging scenarios. Whether you're capturing wide-field vistas of the Milky Way or zooming in on the delicate filaments of a distant galaxy, these versatile filters empower you to explore the cosmos with unmatched flexibility and creativity.

H-Alpha Filter

SHO H-Alpha Filter 77MM KIT SET

OIII Filter


SII Filter


In conclusion, the SHO Hubble Palette Filters for DSLR cameras are more than just tools; they're gateways to a universe of wonder and discovery. With their unparalleled ability to reveal the hidden beauty of the cosmos, these filters invite you to embark on an unforgettable journey through the depths of space, one frame at a time.

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