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Astrophotography Lens

Dew Heater for Camera Lens

Dew Heater for Camera Lens

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The Dew Heater for camera lens is your essential tool to enhance your astrophotography experience. This ultimate linear temperature control Dew Heater Strip ensures your DSLR lens stays clear and moisture-free, enabling you to capture stunning images without distortion.

Available in multiple sizes – DN25, DN30, and DN40 – this Dew Heater Strip is designed for precise fit based on your specific lens and telescope setup. Each size caters to different lens diameters, ensuring a snug and effective fit to combat dew and moisture.

Key Features of the Dew Heater for Camera Lens:

  1. Linear Temperature Control: Experience optimal temperature regulation for your DSLR lens, ensuring clarity and moisture control during your celestial photography sessions.
  2. Versatile Power Source: Operating at a 5V voltage, the Dew Heater Strip can be powered by a USB power bank with a minimum output of 2A. Enjoy flexibility and power it up wherever your astrophotography adventures take you.
  3. Multiple Sizes for Precise Fit: Choose from DN25, DN30, or DN40 to match your specific lens and telescope setup, providing a reliable solution for lenses with different diameters.

One of the standout features of our Dew Heater Strip is its availability in multiple sizes, catering to various lenses and telescope setups with precision. Choose from three distinct sizes to match your specific needs:

  1. DN25 (Length: 25CM, Outer Diameter: 8 CM): Suitable for lenses with a size of less than 55MM.
  2. DN30 (Length: 30CM, Outer Diameter: 10 CM): Ideal for lenses with a size of less than 72MM.
  3. DN40 (Length: 40CM, Outer Diameter: 13 CM): Tailored for lenses with a size of less than 110MM.

The width of the Dew Heater Strip is standardized at 50 mm for consistent performance across all sizes. Power consumption ranges from DH25 to DH40, with a maximum of <10W, and the strip operates at a voltage of 5V, making it compatible with a USB power bank. Ensure a minimum output of 2A for efficient and flexible power supply during your astrophotography adventures.

Don't let dew and moisture hinder your astrophotography aspirations. The Dew Heater for Camera Lens is your reliable companion, delivering consistent performance and moisture control. Order yours today and capture stunning, clear, and distortion-free images in every celestial moment.

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