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Convex Style Dovetail Rail Plate - 43mm (1.69") Length for Telescope Finder Scope Smartphone Base

Convex Style Dovetail Rail Plate - 43mm (1.69") Length for Telescope Finder Scope Smartphone Base

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Enhance Your Telescope Setup with Convex-Style Dovetail Rail Plate - 43mm (1.69") Length

Unlock New Perspectives

Maximize the potential of your telescope finderscope with our Convex-Style Dovetail Rail Plate. This 43mm (1.69") length plate provides a sturdy and versatile foundation for your telescope accessories, expanding the functionality of your stargazing setup.

Built to Last

Crafted from durable metal materials, this dovetail plate ensures longevity and resilience against the rigors of astronomical exploration. Make a one-time purchase for long-term use, securing a reliable and robust foundation for your telescope accessories.

Versatile Compatibility

The dovetail plate is designed to seamlessly integrate into your telescope finderscope base. Its convex-style configuration adds flexibility to your setup, accommodating various accessories, including smartphone bases. Experience a versatile and adaptable stargazing experience.

Package Includes

Your purchase includes:

  • 1 x Convex-Style Dovetail Rail Plate
  • 1 x 1/4in Screw

Ensure your telescope accessories are securely mounted and ready for observation with this comprehensive package.

Important Notes

  • Measurement Tolerance: Please allow a 0-2mm error due to manual measurement.
  • Color Accuracy: Due to monitor variations, the picture may not precisely reflect the item's color. Your understanding is appreciated.

Elevate Your Stargazing Experience

Invest in the future of your astronomical endeavors with the Convex-Style Dovetail Rail Plate. This enhancement offers not just durability but opens up new possibilities for your telescope setup. Order today and expand the horizons of your stargazing adventures with confidence.


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