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Askar V 60mm / 80mm Telescope

Askar V 60mm / 80mm Telescope

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Askar V 60mm / 80mm Triplet Modular Apo Refractor Telescope

Introducing the Askar V 60mm/80mm Triplet Modular Apo Refractor Telescope, a revolutionary stargazing instrument designed to cater to the diverse needs of astronomy enthusiasts. This innovative telescope combines advanced optics, versatility, and exceptional functionality, making it the ultimate choice for both visual observation and deep sky astrophotography.

Exceptional Design, Endless Possibilities

Askar V stands out with its innovative approach, offering not just one, but two replaceable objective lenses – 60mm and 80mm, both designed with a triplet APO configuration, featuring two ED glass elements to eliminate chromatic aberration and ensure crystal-clear imagery. The telescope's elegant ivory white and silver color scheme exudes sophistication, reflecting the impeccable craftsmanship and quality of this telescope.

Adaptable Accessories for Customized Experience

What sets Askar V apart is its modular design, allowing users to adapt the telescope to their specific needs. The package includes a V reducer, V flattener, and V extender – each accessory adjustable to either 60mm or 80mm scales through rotation. The V reducer reduces exposure time and widens the field of view, while the V flattener enhances image quality, reducing aberrations. The V extender, a standout feature, extends focal length and supports connections to objective lenses of different apertures.

Enhanced Functionality and Convenience

Askar V comes with a range of accessories, including a 360° rotator, finder base, multifunctional handlebar, and 1.25"/2" visual adapter, providing high-quality visual observation. The telescope's portable design and easy connectivity to vixen style finder base and accessories make it user-friendly and convenient for enthusiasts of all levels.

Versatile and Cost-Effective Choice

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced amateur astronomer, Askar V caters to all levels of expertise. Its multi-functional capabilities, coupled with high-quality optics, make it a cost-effective choice for anyone looking to explore the cosmos. With Askar V, you have the power to capture stunning astrophotographs, observe celestial wonders, and unlock the mysteries of the universe.

Product Specifications:

  • Objective Lenses: 60mm and 80mm Triplet APO design with ED glass elements
  • Focal Lengths: 360mm (60mm lens) / 500mm (80mm lens)
  • Focal Ratios: f/6 (60mm lens) / f/6.25 (80mm lens)
  • Accessories: V reducer, V flattener, V extender, 360° rotator, finder base, multifunctional handlebar, 1.25"/2" visual adapter
  • Weight (Accessories): Reducer: 0.44kg / Flattener: 0.48kg / Extender: 0.46kg

Embrace the cosmos with Askar V 60mm/80mm Triplet Modular Apo Refractor Telescope – your gateway to an immersive astronomical experience. Explore, capture, and marvel at the universe with unparalleled clarity and precision. Experience stargazing like never before with Askar V.

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