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Askar ACL200

Askar ACL200

Askar ACL200 Review: Unleashing the Potential of Astrophotography

In the realm of astrophotography, where precision and image quality reign supreme, the Askar ACL200 emerges as a revolutionary instrument tailored explicitly for capturing the celestial wonders of the night sky. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the intricacies of the ACL200, exploring its design, features, optical performance, and real-world applications.

Understanding the Necessity: Telephoto Lenses in Astrophotography

Telephoto lenses are indispensable tools for wide-field astrophotography, providing the means to capture expansive star fields and distant celestial objects. However, the conventional offerings often fall short, exhibiting compromises in sharpness, corner-to-corner clarity, and unnecessary features like autofocus and electronic aperture control. Enter the Askar ACL200, a purpose-built 200mm f/4 lens designed with astrophotography aficionados in mind.

Key Features of the Askar ACL200

Optical Prowess

The ACL200 stands out with its 200mm focal length and f/4 aperture, comprising six elements in three groups, including two Extra-low Dispersion (ED) elements. This optical arrangement is a testament to Askar's commitment to aberration control, ensuring minimal chromatic aberration and delivering exceptional image quality.

Manual Focus Precision

Focusing is a critical aspect of astrophotography, and the ACL200 excels in this domain. With dual focus modes—a coarse adjustment and a 1mm micro adjustment—users can achieve precise focus tailored to their imaging preferences. The inclusion of both coarse and fine focus rings enhances the lens's adaptability to different astrophotography scenarios.

Versatility in Use

Unlike its counterparts, the ACL200 is not limited to astrophotography alone. Its versatility extends to terrestrial imaging, making it a dual-purpose lens. With an aperture range from f/4 to f/22, it caters to both celestial and terrestrial photographic pursuits, showcasing its adaptability to diverse imaging scenarios.

Enhanced Mounting Options

The ACL200's tripod shoe boasts 1/4" and 3/8" tripod sockets, with the entire shoe functioning as a Vixen-size dovetail. This feature simplifies the mounting process, facilitating compatibility with various equatorial mounts without the need for additional hardware. Additionally, newer versions come equipped with a Vixen saddle on top, enabling the attachment of a small guidescope for enhanced guiding precision.

Real-world Performance and Considerations

Image Analysis and Comparisons

An in-depth analysis of the ACL200's optical performance reveals its apochromatic nature, minimizing chromatic aberration and delivering white, well-defined stars across the frame. Comparisons with other lenses, even those one stop larger in aperture, showcase the ACL200's superiority in maintaining round star images, particularly towards the corners of an APS-C frame.

Optimized for f/4

The ACL200's optimization for f/4 is a noteworthy characteristic. Testing reveals that its performance doesn't significantly improve at f/5.6 or f/8, emphasizing its design focus on delivering optimal results at the widest aperture. This design choice ensures that diffraction effects are minimized, allowing for clear and artifact-free imaging.

User Testimonials and Community Feedback

Reliability as a Workhorse

Community feedback underscores the ACL200's reliability as a workhorse in the field of astrophotography. Users praise its excellent performance and precision in delivering high-quality images, making it a trustworthy instrument for capturing the beauty of the cosmos.

Enhancements in the Newer Version

The introduction of a newer version with a Vixen saddle on top and a Vixen dovetail below further expands the lens's capabilities. This upgrade allows users to mount additional accessories like finders or ASI air controllers, enhancing the overall functionality of the ACL200.

Technical Specifications and Additional Features

Advanced Apochromatic Design

The ACL200 incorporates a six-element, three-group design, including two ED elements, ensuring advanced apochromatic correction. This design minimizes chromatic aberration and distortion, resulting in superb image quality.

Dynamic Focusing Modes

Featuring both coarse and fine focusing modes, the ACL200 provides users with the flexibility to achieve precise focus for high-quality images. The dual-focusing mechanism simplifies the focusing process, catering to the nuanced requirements of astrophotography.

Versatile Aperture Range

With an adjustable focal ratio from f/4 to f/22, the ACL200 accommodates a range of imaging scenarios. Whether capturing the intricate details of celestial objects or engaging in terrestrial photography, this lens offers versatility in its aperture settings.

Enhanced Mounting Options in Newer Versions

The newer version of the ACL200 introduces a standard Vixen-style dovetail plate and mounting ring with additional thumbscrews. This upgrade enhances the lens's compatibility with various mounts and accessories, providing users with a more integrated and user-friendly experience.

User Experiences and Community Insights

Astrophotography Excellence

Enthusiasts within the astronomy community have reported exceptional results with the Askar ACL200, particularly in the realm of deep-sky wide-field astrophotography. The lens's ability to maintain sharpness and clarity, even in the corners of APS-C frames, has garnered praise. Users express satisfaction with the absence of typical aberrations, such as red or green fringes, showcasing the ACL200's advanced apochromatic correction.

Comparative Advantage

Comparisons with established telephoto lenses, such as the Nikon 180mm f/2.8 ED AI, highlight the ACL200's advantage in producing round star images consistently across the frame. The lens's optimized performance at f/4 sets it apart, offering users an ideal balance between aperture and diffraction effects.

Versatility in Application

Beyond astrophotography, users appreciate the ACL200's versatility. Its compatibility with both full-frame DSLRs and cropped-sensor cameras expands its application. Whether capturing expansive celestial landscapes or engaging in terrestrial photography, the ACL200 proves to be a multifaceted tool for photographers with diverse imaging interests.

Technical Specifications and Additional Insights

Compact Design and Lightweight Construction

Weighing in at 1.5kg, the ACL200 maintains a compact and lightweight form factor, making it an ideal companion for lightweight star tracker mounts. Its adaptability to various setups, coupled with the adjustable focal ratio from f/4 to f/22, further enhances its appeal as a versatile astrophotography lens.

Enhanced Mounting Features in Newer Versions

The addition of a standard Vixen-style dovetail plate and an upgraded mounting ring with extra thumbscrews in the newer version reflects Askar's commitment to user convenience. These enhancements provide astronomers with more attachment options, facilitating the integration of accessories like finders or ASI air controllers.

Conclusion: Askar ACL200

In summary, the Askar ACL200 emerges as a stellar investment for astrophotographers seeking uncompromising image quality, precision, and versatility. Its advanced apochromatic design, dual focusing modes, and optimized aperture range position it as a reliable tool for capturing the grandeur of the cosmos. The positive feedback from the astronomy community, coupled with the continuous improvements introduced in newer versions, solidify the ACL200's standing as a groundbreaking astrophotography lens.

As with any tool in the realm of astrophotography, individual preferences and specific imaging goals may influence the choice of equipment. However, the Askar ACL200, with its innovative features and stellar performance, undoubtedly deserves consideration as a primary instrument for those passionate about exploring and photographing the wonders of the night sky.

Askar ACL200

Askar ACL200 Review
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