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Antlia U-Venus Filter - 1.25" Unmounted

Antlia U-Venus Filter - 1.25" Unmounted

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The Antlia U-Venus Filter is an essential tool for astronomers who want to study Venus. This filter is specially designed to block all light except for the ultraviolet wavelengths, allowing astronomers to see the unique features of Venus's atmosphere.

The filter is 1.25" in diameter and is unmounted, making it easy to use with a wide range of telescopes. The filter is made with high-quality materials, ensuring that it will provide clear and sharp images of Venus for many years to come.

With the Antlia U-Venus Filter, you can study the cloud patterns and atmospheric conditions of Venus with unprecedented detail. Whether you are a professional astronomer or an amateur enthusiast, this filter is an essential tool for studying the fascinating planet Venus.

So, if you are looking for a high-quality U-Venus filter, look no further than the Antlia U-Venus Filter. This filter is a great investment for any astronomer who wants to explore the mysteries of Venus.


Type:: Dual-channel filter
Size: 1.25''
Model:: Ha&OIII
Model Number: U-Venus
Certification: CE
Brand:: Antlia
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