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Antlia Triband RGB Ultra Filter

Antlia Triband RGB Ultra Filter

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Antlia Triband RGB Ultra Filter - 2" Mounted

Looking to capture stunning and vivid RGB astrophotography images? Look no further than the Antlia Triband RGB Ultra Filter, a must-have accessory for any astrophotographer.

Featuring an advanced design that combines red, green, and blue filters into one, this 2" mounted filter is specially engineered to deliver high contrast and color fidelity in your astrophotography images. Whether you are capturing images of galaxies, nebulae, or other celestial objects, this filter will help you achieve accurate color reproduction and stunning detail.

Constructed with high-quality materials and advanced coatings, this filter also provides superior light transmission and durability, making it an excellent investment for your astrophotography setup. And with its easy-to-use 2" mounting system, this filter is compatible with a wide range of telescopes and cameras.

Antlia Triband RGB Ultra Filter: Capturing the Cosmos in True Color

Unlock the full potential of your astrophotography with the Antlia Triband RGB Ultra Filter. Engineered for light pollution suppression, this filter is a game-changer for both OSC and Mono cameras. With its carefully selected spectral design, it focuses on the most substantial information in the RGB bands, allowing you to capture over 90% of deep-sky objects.

Unparalleled Performance

Unlike other ultra-narrowband filters, the Antlia Triband RGB Ultra Filter goes beyond by capturing galaxies, reflection nebulae, and star clusters even in challenging Bortle 8 to Bortle 1 locations. Its broad bandpass is tailored to accommodate faster optics up to the f/2 focal ratio, ensuring optimal performance in various settings.

Realistic Color Balance

Addressing the challenge of low blue wavelength efficiency in CMOS sensors, the Antlia team crafted a filter with a more realistic color balance. This is crucial for astrophotography in light-polluted locations, especially when imaging reflection nebulae and blue stars. The improved blue wavelength transmission enhances color balance, making your photos more visually stunning.

Application and Performance

  • Versatile Imaging: Shoot galaxies, reflection nebulae, and star clusters with ease.
  • Halo Suppression: Refined coating processes ensure excellent halo suppression and improved signal-to-noise performance.
  • Balanced Color Transmission: Antlia's spectrum design expertise guarantees balanced transmission, minimizing color cast on broadband emission objects.
  • Wide Compatibility: Suitable for systems as fast as f/2 with minimal loss of efficiency or spectral response shifts.
  • Luminance Replacement: Perfect for LRGB imaging with mono cameras, enhancing contrast and signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Isolation of Emission Lines: Better isolate H-alpha, O3, and the blue spectrum from background light pollution.
  • Visual Use: High transmittance of the HSO emission line for observing deep-sky objects with large-diameter telescopes.
  • Flexibility: Compatible with both OSC and Mono camera systems, facilitating imaging of astronomical objects in all optical configurations down to f/2 focal ratio.

Size Available: 2" mounted

Upgrade your astrophotography game with the Antlia Triband RGB Ultra Filter, and experience the breathtaking beauty of the night sky like never before.


Weight(kg): 0.5

Size: 2" Inch

Model Number: AntliaĀ TribandĀ RGB UltraĀ Filter 2" Mounted

Brand:: Antlia

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