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Antlia - Quad Band Anti-Light Pollution Filter 2" Mounted

Antlia - Quad Band Anti-Light Pollution Filter 2" Mounted

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Elevate your astrophotography experience with the Antlia Quad Band Anti-Light Pollution Filter 2" Mounted, the ultimate solution for capturing the cosmos in stunning detail. This advanced filter is meticulously designed to reduce light pollution, offering unparalleled possibilities for astrophotography enthusiasts.

Antlia Quad Band Anti-Light Pollution Filter 2" Mounted Features:

  1. Broad Bandpass for Faster Optics:
    • Designed to accommodate faster optics with up to an f/2 focal ratio, the Antlia Quad Band filter ensures optimal performance for astrophotographers seeking efficiency and clarity.
  2. Reduction of Light Pollution:
    • Combat light pollution effectively with this filter, cutting out orange-yellow lights from 589nm and part of blue lights from LEDs. Capture celestial wonders with minimal interference from artificial light sources.
  3. Versatile Spectral Design:
    • The unique spectral design of the Antlia Quad Band filter opens up new possibilities for astrophotography. Capture over 95% of deep-sky objects, including galaxies, reflection nebulae, emission nebulae, and star clusters.
  4. High Transmittance of Emission Lines:
    • Enjoy high transmittance of main emission lines such as Ha/SII/OIII/H-Beta in the visible region, enhancing astrophotography with superior signal-to-noise ratio and contrast.
  5. Near-Infrared (NIR) Region Transmittance:
    • The Antlia Quad Band filter passes through the near-infrared region, allowing for the effective capture of details in galaxies rich in infrared signals. Enhance the signal-to-noise ratio for objects like M51 and M83, which possess significant NIR signals.
  6. Good Color Balance:
    • Achieve excellent color balance effortlessly with the addition of short-wavelength NUV transmission. This feature simplifies post-processing and ensures accurate representation of celestial colors.
  7. Superior Optical Reliability:
    • Crafted with a basic substrate of optical, single/non-glued substrate, the Antlia Quad Band filter guarantees superior optical reliability. Its surface quality of S/D (scratch/dig) = 60/40, as per MIL-O-13830 standards, ensures impeccable performance.
  8. Size Compatibility:
    • The Antlia Quad Band Anti-Light Pollution Filter is conveniently sized at 2 inches, providing a universal fit for a range of telescopes and cameras.

Unlock the full potential of your astrophotography with the Antlia Quad Band Anti-Light Pollution Filter 2" Mounted. Experience the cosmos with unmatched clarity, reduced light pollution, and enhanced signal capture. Elevate your astronomical adventures and capture the beauty of the night sky like never before.


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