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Antlia 36mm 4.5nm Narrowband EDGE Filter

Antlia 36mm 4.5nm Narrowband EDGE Filter

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Introducing the Antlia 36mm 4.5nm Narrowband EDGE Filter - a powerful tool for astrophotography enthusiasts. This filter is designed to enhance your imaging capabilities by selectively blocking light pollution and allowing you to capture stunning images of deep sky objects. With a narrowband bandwidth of 4.5nm, this filter is ideal for isolating specific emission lines such as H-alpha, SII, and OIII, and is perfect for astrophotography of nebulae and other deep sky objects.

The filter is easy to use and fits in most filter wheels or can be threaded onto the end of your camera lens. It is made with high-quality materials and is designed to deliver sharp, clear, and detailed images with minimal distortion. The filter has been engineered to block unwanted light pollution and infrared light, making it ideal for use in heavily light-polluted areas.

The Antlia 36mm 4.5nm Narrowband EDGE Filter is a must-have tool for astrophotographers looking to capture the beauty of the night sky. So why wait? Add this filter to your imaging arsenal today and start capturing stunning images of the universe like never before!


Weight(kg): 0.5

Type:: Filter

Size: 36mm

Model Number: 36mm 4.5nm Narrowband

Certification: CE

Brand Name:: Antlia

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