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12V Dew Heater Strip

12V Dew Heater Strip

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Elevate Your Stargazing Experience with the 12V Dew Heater Strip (20-110cm) – The Ultimate Astronomical Telescope Accessory!

Product Details:

  • Width: 50mm
  • Power:
    • DH20-DH80 (Min 0W, Max <10W)
    • DH95-DH110 (Min 0W, Max <15W)
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Adapter: DC5.5*2.1

Are you tired of dew and moisture disrupting your celestial observations? The 12V Dew Heater Strip (20-110cm) is your key to maintaining crystal-clear optics during your stargazing adventures.

Key Features:

Versatile Length Range: This dew heater strip offers an adjustable length range from 20cm to 110cm, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific astronomical telescope accessory. No matter the size of your optical device, we have you covered.

Efficient Heating: Operating at 12V, this dew heater strip efficiently prevents dew buildup without draining your power source. Choose from two power options: DH20-DH80 (Max <10W) or DH95-DH110 (Max <15W), based on your requirements.

Easy Setup: Installation is a breeze with the included DC5.5*2.1 adapter. Simply wrap the dew heater strip around your optical device, connect it to a 12V power source, and watch as it keeps your optics clear and your stargazing sessions uninterrupted.

Selecting the Right Size: To ensure the perfect fit for your telescope accessory, measure the circumference of your telescope tube or calculate the tube diameter (not telescope aperture) and multiply by 3.14. Then, refer to our sizing guide to choose the appropriate length. For in-between sizes, opt for the next larger dew heater to guarantee comprehensive coverage.

Don't let dew and moisture dampen your celestial exploration. Empower your stargazing experience with the 12V Dew Heater Strip (20-110cm). Keep your optics dew-free and immerse yourself in the wonders of the night sky.

To find the ideal dew heater for your telescope accessory, measure and consult our sizing guide. Select the right length, and embark on clear and uninterrupted celestial journeys. Order your dew heater strip today and experience the cosmos like never before!

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