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1.25" Telescope ND Filter Set for Astronomical Photography

1.25" Telescope ND Filter Set for Astronomical Photography

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1.25" Telescope ND Filter Set With Storage Box Neutral Density Fader for Astronomical Telescope Photography

Unlock New Dimensions: 1.25" Telescope ND Filter Set for Astronomical Photography

Enhance Your Celestial Visual Experience

Transform your astronomical telescope photography with the 1.25" Telescope ND Filter Set, a versatile accessory designed to refine and elevate your celestial observations.

Key Features:

Neutral Density Magic

  • ND filters reduce light intensity without altering color significantly.
  • Perfect for observing the moon, Venus, and bright double stars.
  • Conserves dark-adapted vision during lunar observations.
  • Minimizes irradiation along the lunar terminator for a clearer view.

Premium Quality for Precision Results

  • Material: Acrylic with a Metal Frame
  • 52% - ND2 Filter; 52% light transmission
  • 25% - ND4 Filter; 25% light transmission
  • 12.5% - ND8 Filter; 12.5% light transmission
  • 6.25% - ND16 Filter; 6.25% light transmission
  • 3.12% - ND32 Filter; 3.12% light transmission
  • 1.56% - ND64 Filter; 1.56% light transmission
  • True color image preservation
  • Threads onto any 1.25” eyepiece with M28X0.6 threads.

Creative Freedom at Your Fingertips

  • Create various neutral density effects for versatile observations.

Package Includes:

  • 6 x ND Filters (ND2, ND4, ND8, ND16, ND32, ND64)
  • 1 x Metal Storage Box

Important Caution:

  • Never observe the sun directly through the telescope with this ND filter. It can cause serious eye damage.
  • Filters can be stacked for intensified effects.

Organized Brilliance: Exquisite Aluminum Storage Box

Elevate your astronomical toolkit with this ND Filter Set and its accompanying aluminum storage box, keeping your filters safe and accessible.


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