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🌟 Vixen Dovetail Dimensions 🌟

Unlock the full potential of your astronomical experience with the Vixen Dovetail Bar Dimensions - the key to seamless compatibility and enhanced stability for your telescope setup. 🌌

Why Vixen Dovetail Bars? 🤔 No industry-wide standards for dovetail bars exist, making it crucial to choose the right fit for your mount. Enter Vixen and Losmandy designs, where each mount manufacturer defines their standards. Buyer, beware! Vixen dovetail bars offer versatility, fitting a majority of mounts, including Celestron's CG-5, SE mounts, CG-4, AVX, and more.

Dimensions Matter: Measure and Match! 📏 Ensure a perfect match by measuring your saddle's width, angle, and thickness. The rule is simple: measure first, match later. While the majority of mounts accept both Vixen and Losmandy dovetails, the latter is preferred for larger scopes and mounts.

Diverse Choices, Infinite Possibilities 🌠 In the vast universe of telescope accessories, the majority of mounts graciously accept both Vixen and Losmandy dovetail bars, providing astronomers with the flexibility they crave. Larger scopes and mounts, however, often lean towards the sturdier Losmandy design. Explore a myriad of sizes and options at ADM Accessories and Losmandy – trusted sources ensuring quality and compatibility. But remember, weight matters; choose wisely for optimal balance.

The Evolution of Design: Creating Standards 📐 In the quest for standardization, companies craft their own styles, aiming for recognition and widespread adoption. Arca Swiss achieved this in photography with their 45° dovetails, showcasing the potential for streamlined compatibility. In the video market, chaos reigns with various styles like Arri, Vinten, Cartoni, and Euro. In the astro market, dominance lies with the 45° Vixen and 60° Losmandy standards. Keep an eye out for dual astro saddles with long-travel clamping blocks – a future-proof solution accommodating styles up to 74mm in width.

Celestron's Compatibility Chronicles 🌠 Celestron, a stalwart in the astronomy community, provides a guide to dovetail compatibility. The CG-5 dovetail aligns with the Vixen style, fitting smaller mounts like the SE series, CG-5, CG-4, and AVX. Meanwhile, the CGE dovetail harmonizes with the Losmandy D-style, perfect for larger mounts and OTAs. While some older models may present compatibility quirks, Celestron OTAs with a CGE dovetail seamlessly fit mounts accepting the Losmandy "D" dovetail.

Gap Conundrums: Decoding Celestron's CGEM Saddle 🌌 A common mystery emerges when dealing with Celestron's CGEM DX saddle – a 0.375" depth potentially resulting in a gap. Fear not, for the gap is often the norm, and the orange extruded Celestron dovetails seamlessly fill it. Precision enthusiasts may opt for an upgrade with ADM or similar models, ensuring a snug fit and eliminating any concerns.

DIY Solutions and Compatibility Quirks 🛠️ Astronomers share their experiences, unveiling compatibility quirks and DIY solutions. The evolving design of Celestron's C9.25 OTA introduces challenges with the orange dovetails, requiring careful consideration. Losmandy D dovetail plates from various manufacturers might not eradicate the gap when used with a CGEM saddle, but fear not – the saddle holds any of these dovetails securely. Precision seekers can replace the CGEM OEM saddle with an ADM or similar model for a refined setup.

Choosing Wisely: ZEQ25 and Vixen Dovetail Dimensions 🌌 New journeys beckon with the ZEQ25 GOTO mount and your 127mm Orion Mak-Cass. Confirm the specifications, as the ZEQ25 utilizes a Vixen dovetail clamp. Consider an ADM vixen dovetail for a seamless fit, ensuring your celestial companion is securely mounted.

Crafting Temporary Solutions and Seeking Compatibility 🚀 Embarking on a trip with an M2 mount and a delayed dovetail bar delivery? The resilient astronomer contemplates a temporary wooden dovetail bar, showcasing the adaptability and resourcefulness within the community. Dimensions for crafting this makeshift solution mirror the Vixen dovetail standard – 1.73" width, 75-degree angles, and a height between 9/16" to 5/8".

Quality Source: ADM Accessories 🌐 For reliable dovetail bars, turn to ADM Accessories. They provide an array of sizes, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your telescope. Losmandy, another reputable source, offers robust options. Pay attention to weight; some bars are heavier than others, so choose wisely.

Navigating the Chaos of Standards 🌠 Just like the photography and video markets, the astro market faces chaos with various standards. Yet, the 45° Vixen and 60° Losmandy dominate. A dual astro saddle with long-travel clamping blocks offers future-proof adaptability for widths up to 74mm.

Celestron Compatibility Guide 🌌 Celestron's CG-5 dovetail aligns with the Vixen style, while the CGE dovetail corresponds to the Losmandy D-style. Ensure a snug fit, especially if you're dealing with a CGEM saddle – a 0.375" depth might lead to a gap, but it's usually normal.

Precision Setup Tips 🛠️ Consider upgrading your saddle for a precision setup. End-loading saddles like the CGEM OEM and ADM make loading a scope simple, while Losmandy D dovetail plates offer a gapless fit.

Emergency Solutions: DIY Dovetail Bar 🛠️ If time is of the essence, and your dovetail bar is delayed, consider a temporary wooden dovetail bar with dimensions of 1.73" width, 75-degree angle, and a height ranging from 9/16" to 5/8".

🔍 Dimensions Recap:

  • Width: 1.73"
  • Angle: 75 degrees
  • Height: 9/16" to 5/8"

Enhance your telescope setup with precision and adaptability – choose Vixen Dovetail Bar Dimensions. Happy stargazing! 🌌✨

🌟 Community Insights and Tips 🌠

Closing the Gap with Celestron Saddles 🌌 If you find a gap between your Celestron CGEM DX saddle and the dovetail, fear not – it's often normal. The orange extruded Celestron dovetails, designed to fit seamlessly, provide a snug and secure fit.

Exploring Mount-Specific Solutions 🏔️ Consider a custom solution based on your mount type. Some iOptron saddles may run a bit narrow, but don't fret – true Vixen saddle formats are typically 1.75". For a precise fit, you can mill the saddle slightly wider.

Choosing the Right Dovetail for ZEQ25 🛠️ For your ZEQ25 GOTO mount, confirm the specifications – it uses a Vixen dovetail clamp. If in doubt, call the manufacturer or consult the community. The key is to ensure compatibility for a worry-free stargazing experience.

Precision Loading with Different Saddles ⚖️ Understand the loading dynamics of different saddles. End-loading saddles like CGEM OEM, Casady, and ADM offer simplicity, while Losmandy D dovetail plates provide a gapless fit. Choose based on your preferences and the weight of your telescope.

Temporary Fixes with DIY Dovetail Bars 🪚 In a pinch, crafting a temporary wooden dovetail bar with the specified dimensions can save the day. It's a testament to the adaptability and creativity within the astronomy community.

Upgrading for Precision 🔍 Consider upgrading your saddle for a precision setup. ADM or similar models can replace the CGEM OEM saddle, providing a secure grip and eliminating any potential gaps. A little investment in quality hardware can significantly enhance your stargazing experience.


Precision Matters: Vixen Dovetail Bar Dimensions Unveiled 📏 Welcome to the realm of precision astronomy! To ensure your telescope setup reaches new heights, let's delve deeper into the specifics of Vixen dovetail bars. The standard Vixen dovetail bar boasts a bottom width of 1.73 inches, side angles at 75 degrees, and a height ranging from 9/16" to 5/8". These dimensions serve as the foundation for a stable and secure connection between your telescope and mount.

Celestron's Dovetail Duet: CG-5 and CGE Compatibility 🌐 Celestron users, rejoice! The CG-5 dovetail aligns seamlessly with the Vixen style or "V" dovetail. Ideal for smaller mounts like the SE mounts, CG-4, CG-5, and AVX, this dovetail ensures a snug fit, allowing you to focus on the wonders of the night sky. For larger mounts and OTAs, the CGE dovetail is your go-to, harmonizing with the Losmandy D-style dovetail. Embrace compatibility, explore the universe effortlessly.

CGEM Saddle Sagas: Bridging the Gap with Precision 🌌 Encountering a gap between your dovetail and CGEM saddle? Fear not! While a 0.375-inch depth may seem odd, it's usually normal. Celestron's orange extruded dovetails offer a perfect fit, ensuring your OTA is secured. Consider the upgrade route with ADM or similar models for a precision setup that eliminates any gaps.

Temporary Fixes and DIY Dovetail Ingenuity 🛠️ Sometimes, astronomy calls for creative solutions. If your dovetail bar is delayed, fashioning a temporary wooden dovetail bar becomes a practical workaround. Craft it with the specified dimensions – 1.73" width, 75-degree angles, and a height between 9/16" to 5/8". Innovation meets necessity under the starry skies.

Unraveling the Mysteries of Losmandy Plates 🌠 As we delve into the intricacies of telescope accessories, the quest for precision takes us to the enigmatic world of Losmandy plates. While dimensions may vary among manufacturers, obtaining a schematic becomes a coveted treasure. Specifically, the depth/thickness of the V or actual dovetail is a critical piece of information sought by astronomers aiming for perfection in their setups. An ode to those who seek to optimize every aspect of their stargazing experience.

Celestron CGEM DX: The Depths of Inquiry 🌌 A discussion ensues around the Celestron CGEM DX saddle, its 0.375" depth, and the potential gap beneath the plate. Knowledgeable voices reassure that such gaps, while seemingly odd, are not uncommon. The Celestron community offers shared experiences, highlighting the efficacy of the orange extruded Celestron dovetails in filling these gaps securely.

Diverse Saddles, Unique Challenges 🌌 The diversity in telescope designs introduces challenges, with users sharing experiences of gaps between Farpoint dovetails and Celestron CGE and CGE Pro mounts. A Losmandy D for C9.25, though not universally favored due to its gap, finds a place in the stargazing toolkit. The evolving design of Celestron's C9.25 OTA and the nuances of orange dovetails add layers of complexity, emphasizing the need for adaptability.

Precision Loading: Choosing the Right Saddle 🌌 In the pursuit of a "really nice precision setup," the debate over saddle types unfolds. Side plate or "tip in" saddles like CGEM OEM, Casady, and ADM offer simplicity and ease of loading, while end-loading saddles like Losmandy fit plates differently but might present challenges with heavier scopes. The choice between the two depends on the user's preferences and the weight of the telescope.

ZEQ25 and Vixen Dovetail: A Perfect Match 🌠 As the stargazing community converges to share insights, a ZEQ25 GOTO mount owner seeks guidance on the right dovetail for a 127mm Orion Mak-Cass. The community's collective knowledge swiftly comes to the rescue, affirming that the ZEQ25 utilizes a Vixen dovetail clamp. The owner can confidently mount their telescope using an ADM vixen dovetail for a seamless stargazing experience.

🔭 Embark on Your Celestial Odyssey! Armed with the knowledge of Vixen dovetail bar dimensions and the insights from the astronomy community, your celestial odyssey awaits. Navigate the cosmos with confidence, embracing the wonders of the universe with each gaze.

Happy Stargazing, Explorers!