Collection: Losmandy Dovetail Plate Specs Dimensions


🔍 Why the Mystery? Unveiling Dimensions for Ultimate Precision 🔍 Embark on a celestial journey with Losmandy dovetail plates, but why the secrecy around dimensions? Join the community's plea for clarity on mounting bar and saddle sizes, particularly the width. Delve into the comparison of Vixen/Synta/CG5 dovetails with Losmandy, questioning if there's a universal width or multiple dimensions. Explore the nuances of design, from beveled edges to the sliding mechanism, seeking the ideal balance before tightening.

🌟 V-Series vs. D-Series: Decoding Losmandy Dovetail Diversity 🌟 Navigate the cosmos armed with knowledge about the two prominent Losmandy dovetail series – V-Series and D-Series. Understand the distinction between them, as some refer to the D-Series as the Losmandy dovetail. Delve into the standardized dimensions, where the V-Series boasts a 1 3/4" bottom, and the D-Series expands to a 3" bottom. Embrace the versatility of a dual saddle plate, like ADM offers, enabling compatibility with both types.

💡 Bridging the Gap: Dovetail Saddle Designs Unveiled 💡 Discover the intricacies of dovetail saddle designs. Some feature bevels for smooth sliding, while others employ retaining screws against beveled dovetails. Uncover the ergonomic challenges of sliding a dovetail into a saddle with larger scopes, prompting discussions on the practicality of various designs. Engage with the community's insights on loading preferences, whether tip-in or end-loading, and find the perfect match for your stargazing setup.

🛠️ Custom Solutions and Adaptability 🛠️ As you craft your ideal setup, explore user experiences addressing the need for adaptability. Learn about the challenges posed by varying dovetail widths and the quest for a precise fit. Delve into the nuances of Astro-Physics plates and the importance of width in the top opening of dovetail saddles. Unearth solutions to compatibility concerns, emphasizing the importance of reliable information in the vast galaxy of telescope accessories.

⚖️ Balancing Act: Dovetail Choices for Stability ⚖️ For those seeking stability with heavier scopes, the debate arises: Vixen vs. Losmandy dovetails. Explore the community's consensus, with some advocating for Losmandy's broader support for larger tubes. Peer into discussions on saddle compatibility and the considerations when transitioning from Vixen to Losmandy. Uncover the nuances of different mounting bars and their impact on the overall stability of your stargazing rig.

📏 Dimensions Matter: Selecting the Right Size for Your Setup 📏 Receive expert advice on choosing the appropriate size of Losmandy dovetail for specific telescope setups. Whether it's a ZEQ25 GOTO mount or a substantial 10-inch newtonian on an iOptron CEM120, the community provides valuable insights. Delve into discussions on counterweights, counterweight bars, and the impact of dovetail size on stability during high-power planetary viewing.

🔗 Seamless Integration: Mixing and Matching Dovetails and Rings 🔗 As you ponder the transition to a Losmandy dovetail, explore the feasibility of using existing Vixen-style rings. Community members share experiences of successful adaptations and provide guidance on ensuring a secure fit. Discover the versatility of aftermarket Losmandy-compatible plates and their adaptability to various ring configurations.

Introducing the Losmandy Dovetail Plate - Unlock Precision and Stability for Your Telescope Mount!

🌌 Are you tired of the confusion around dovetail dimensions? Look no further! The Losmandy Dovetail Plate brings clarity and reliability to your telescope mounting experience. 🌌

Key Features: 📏 Exact Dimensions: Say goodbye to guesswork! Our Losmandy Dovetail Plate comes with precise measurements, providing you with the confidence you need for a secure fit.

🌐 V-Series and D-Series Compatibility: Whether you're using a Vixen or Losmandy mount, our dovetail plate caters to both V-Series and D-Series, ensuring versatility in your telescope setup.

🔄 Smooth Sliding Design: Experience hassle-free installation with our innovative sliding design. The dovetail bar effortlessly slides into the saddle, holding your telescope securely in place before tightening. No more worries about misalignment during the setup process.

💪 Sturdy Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, our Losmandy Dovetail Plate can handle the weight of various telescopes. The wider base provides enhanced stability, especially for larger scopes.

📐 Dual Saddle Plate Option: Opt for the dual saddle plate from ADM for added convenience. Now, you can seamlessly switch between Losmandy D and Vixen dovetail bars without the need for adapters.

Choosing the Right Size: 🔍 Determine the perfect fit for your telescope by measuring the width of your existing dovetail bar. Our Losmandy Dovetail Plates come in various sizes, from 7 to 24 inches, allowing you to select the ideal length for your specific setup.

User Experiences: 🌟 "With the Losmandy Dovetail Plate, I no longer worry about compatibility issues. The precise dimensions and sliding design make telescope setup a breeze!" - Happy Stargazer

🌟 "The dual saddle plate option from ADM is a game-changer! Switching between dovetail bars has never been this easy." 

🌟 "Stability matters, especially with a heavy telescope. Upgrading to a Losmandy Dovetail Plate was the best decision for my 10" Newt!"

🔍 Dimensions Unveiled:

  • Discover the intricate details of Losmandy dovetail plates, ensuring a seamless fit for your equipment.
  • Width: 4 inches (101.6mm) for a robust foundation.
  • Dovetail: 2.93 inches (74.4mm) wide at the base with a height of 0.235 inches (5.97mm) at a 60-degree angle.

📏 Schematic Quest Resolved:

  • Tackle questions about Losmandy plate dimensions with ease.
  • Access detailed schematics, including the V-depth and dovetail thickness.
  • Gain clarity on the compatibility of Celestron CGEM DX saddles (0.375 inches deep) and address concerns about gaps.

🔧 Versatility Challenges:

  • Delve into the adaptability of Losmandy dovetails with various mounts, including CGE and CGE Pro.
  • Uncover insights on using orange Celestron dovetails and Farpoint dovetails, addressing challenges with gaps and fitting issues.

🌠 Precision Loading Solutions:

  • Decode the dynamics of different saddles and their impact on loading telescopes.
  • Understand the benefits of moving side plates, tip-in saddles, and end-loading saddles for a secure and stable setup.
  • Explore the realm of ADM, Casady, and other dovetail options for a precision astronomy configuration.

🤔 Vixen vs. Losmandy Dilemma:

  • Navigate the weight considerations between Vixen-style dovetail bars and Losmandy plates.
  • Delve into community perspectives on the weight capacity of each, offering valuable insights for your equipment choices.

⚙️ Adapter Insights:

  • Unravel the mysteries surrounding adapters for Vixen/CGE and the stability they bring.
  • Explore the impact of plate construction, thickness, and design on overall stability.
  • Gain clarity on the advantages and convenience of adapters in enhancing your mount setup.

🌐 Dovetail Plate Diversity:

  • Embark on a dovetail review journey, exploring options like Discmount 7" Slotted Dovetail, 1.9" x 7" Dovetail Plate, and more.
  • Understand how the choice of dovetail plates can influence stability, weight, and centerline alignment for your specific telescope.

🔒 Solid Connections:

  • Gain confidence in your setup with a thorough review of various dovetail plates, ensuring a solid and secure connection between your telescope and mount.
  • Benefit from the experiences of fellow astronomers in optimizing the stability of their setups.

🚀 Enhance Your Astronomy Setup:

  • Elevate your stargazing experience by unlocking the precision of Losmandy dovetail plates.
  • Make informed decisions about dovetail choices, adapters, and mounts for a customized and stable astronomical journey.