M95 Galaxy NGC 3351

M95 Galaxy - NGC 3351: Type, Age, Size, Diameter, Mass, Location, Facts, Distance from Earth

What is M95 Galaxy (NGC 3351)

M95 Galaxy (NGC 3351) is a barred spiral galaxy located in the constellation Leo. It is a member of the M96 Group, a small group of galaxies that includes M96 and M105.

What Type of Galaxy is M95 Galaxy (NGC 3351)

M95 Galaxy (NGC 3351) is classified as a barred spiral galaxy. It exhibits a central bar-like structure along with spiral arms, typical of barred spirals.

How old is M95 Galaxy (NGC 3351)

Determining the exact age of M95 Galaxy (NGC 3351) is challenging, but it is estimated to be approximately around 4 to 5 billion years. Age estimation involves studying the galaxy's stellar populations and the history of star formation.

M95 Galaxy (NGC 3351) Size in Light Years

The size of M95 Galaxy (NGC 3351) encompasses an extensive region of approximately about 75,000 to 80,000 light-years.

M95 Galaxy (NGC 3351) Diameter in Light Years and Compared to Milky Way

The diameter of M95 Galaxy (NGC 3351) is approximately about 75,000 to 80,000 light-years. Compared to the Milky Way, M95 is similar in size, making it a galaxy of comparable dimensions.

M95 Galaxy (NGC 3351) Mass in Solar Masses

Estimates suggest that the mass of M95 Galaxy (NGC 3351) is approximately about 80 billion to 100 billion solar masses. The galaxy's mass influences its gravitational interactions and internal processes, placing it within the range of barred spiral galaxies.

M95 Galaxy (NGC 3351) Location

M95 Galaxy (NGC 3351) is located in the constellation Leo. Positioned in the northern celestial hemisphere, Leo is home to various celestial objects, and M95 is one of its prominent members.

10 Interesting Fun Facts about M95 Galaxy (NGC 3351)

  1. M95 is part of the M96 Group, a galaxy group in the Leo I Group of galaxies.
  2. The galaxy was discovered by astronomer Pierre Méchain in 1781.
  3. It is one of the larger galaxies in the M96 Group, which also includes M96 and M105.
  4. M95 has a bright central bar and spiral arms containing regions of active star formation.
  5. Observations of M95 contribute to studies of the dynamics and interactions within galaxy groups.
  6. The galaxy has been a target for studies of galactic morphology and stellar populations.
  7. M95 has been observed in various wavelengths, including radio and infrared, revealing different aspects of its properties.
  8. Studies of the M96 Group, including M95, provide insights into the large-scale structure of the universe.
  9. The galaxy's proximity to other members of the M96 Group makes it valuable for comparative studies.
  10. Observations of M95 aid in understanding the relationships and evolution of galaxies in group environments.

M95 Galaxy (NGC 3351) Distance from Earth in Light Years and Miles / Km

M95 Galaxy (NGC 3351) is situated at an approximate distance of about 38 million light-years from Earth. Converting this distance, it is approximately 2.23e+20 miles (3.59e+20 km) away. This distance places it in the realm of relatively distant galaxies, and observations of M95 contribute to our understanding of barred spiral galaxy properties and their roles within galaxy groups.

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