M58 Galaxy (NGC 4579)

M58 Galaxy (NGC 4579): Type, Age, Size, Diameter, Mass, Location, Facts, Distance from Earth

What Type of Galaxy is M58 Galaxy (NGC 4579)

M58 Galaxy (NGC 4579) is classified as a spiral galaxy. It is located in the constellation Virgo and is part of the Virgo Cluster.

How old is M58 Galaxy (NGC 4579)

Determining the exact age of M58 Galaxy (NGC 4579) is challenging, but it is estimated to be approximately around 8 to 9 billion years. The age estimation involves studying the galaxy's stellar populations and the history of star formation.

M58 Galaxy (NGC 4579) Size in Light Years

The size of M58 Galaxy (NGC 4579) encompasses an expansive region of approximately about 120,000 to 130,000 light-years.

M58 Galaxy (NGC 4579) Diameter in Light Years and Compared to Milky Way

The diameter of M58 Galaxy (NGC 4579) is approximately about 120,000 to 130,000 light-years. Compared to the Milky Way, M58 is of similar size, making it a galaxy of considerable dimensions.

M58 Galaxy (NGC 4579) Mass in Solar Masses

Estimates suggest that the mass of M58 Galaxy (NGC 4579) is approximately about 100 billion to 300 billion solar masses. Galaxy mass influences gravitational interactions and internal processes, and M58's mass places it within the range of spiral galaxies.

M58 Galaxy (NGC 4579) Location

M58 Galaxy (NGC 4579) is located in the constellation Virgo. Positioned in the southern celestial hemisphere, Virgo is home to a rich cluster of galaxies, and M58 is one of its notable members.

10 Interesting Fun Facts about M58 Galaxy (NGC 4579)

  1. M58 is part of the Virgo Cluster, a large collection of galaxies gravitationally bound to one another.
  2. The galaxy was discovered by Charles Messier in 1779, and it is the 58th entry in Messier's catalog.
  3. It is part of the Virgo Cluster's Messier sub-group, which includes galaxies discovered by Messier.
  4. M58 has a bright central region surrounded by spiral arms containing stars, gas, and dust.
  5. Studies of M58's rotation curve have provided insights into the distribution of mass within the galaxy.
  6. The Virgo Cluster, including M58, is a key region for studying galaxy evolution and dynamics.
  7. M58 has been observed in various wavelengths, from optical to radio, revealing different aspects of its structure.
  8. Virgo Cluster galaxies, like M58, exhibit a range of morphologies and play a crucial role in cosmological studies.
  9. The galaxy is a subject of research for understanding the connection between galaxies in clusters.
  10. M58's position in the Virgo Cluster makes it a target for studying the impact of the cluster environment on galaxy properties.

M58 Galaxy (NGC 4579) Distance from Earth in Light Years and Miles / Km

M58 Galaxy (NGC 4579) is situated at an approximate distance of about 68 million light-years from Earth. Converting this distance, it is approximately 3.99e+20 miles (6.43e+20 km) away. This distance places it in the realm of distant galaxies, and observations of M58 contribute to our understanding of galaxy clusters and their constituent galaxies.

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