Celestron Astromaster 70AZ Telescope Review

Celestron Astromaster 70AZ Telescope Review

The Celestron Astromaster 70AZ Telescope is a popular choice among amateur astronomers looking for an affordable and easy-to-use telescope. In this review, we will explore the features, performance, and overall value of the Astromaster 70AZ.


The Celestron Astromaster 70AZ is a refractor telescope with a 70mm aperture and a focal length of 900mm, which provides a decent magnification power of up to 165x. The telescope comes with two eyepieces, a 20mm and a 10mm, as well as a red dot finder to help locate objects in the sky. The Alt-Azimuth mount is sturdy and easy to set up, and the tripod is adjustable to suit your height and viewing position.


The Astromaster 70AZ offers good image quality for its price range. The 70mm aperture allows for clear views of the moon and planets, as well as some deep-sky objects such as the Orion Nebula and the Andromeda Galaxy. However, it is important to note that the telescope is not designed for advanced astrophotography, as the mount does not track objects in the sky and the aperture is not large enough for capturing detailed images of distant galaxies.

Ease of Use

One of the main advantages of the Astromaster 70AZ is its ease of use. The telescope is straightforward to set up, and the red dot finder helps to locate objects quickly and easily. The included eyepieces are also easy to use, and the magnification can be adjusted by switching between the two eyepieces. The Alt-Azimuth mount is intuitive, allowing for smooth and easy movements of the telescope.


The Celestron Astromaster 70AZ offers excellent value for its price. The telescope is affordable and provides a good introduction to astronomy for beginners. The included accessories, such as the eyepieces and red dot finder, are also of good quality and add to the overall value of the telescope. While the Astromaster 70AZ may not offer the advanced features or performance of higher-end telescopes, it is an excellent choice for those looking for a budget-friendly option.


The Celestron Astromaster 70AZ Telescope is a great choice for beginners or those looking for an affordable and easy-to-use telescope. With its 70mm aperture, two included eyepieces, and sturdy Alt-Azimuth mount, the Astromaster 70AZ offers decent image quality and an enjoyable stargazing experience. While it may not be suited for advanced astrophotography or high-magnification viewing, it is an excellent value for its price range and is sure to provide many hours of celestial exploration.

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